How to Fix Leather Jacket Peeling?

How to Fix Leather Jacket Peeling?

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Leather Jacket peeling or flaking occurs when the leather jacket is stored wrongly, or it has been exposed to heat, very cold, or any acidic element. In this blog, here are some ways how you can fix leather jacket peeling.

Using Oil Fillers

Oil fillers provide the best results in order to repair leather jacket peeling. Use razor blades or fingers to pick out peeling pieces from the surface and then use the knife to put oil/soft fillers to the clean surface.

Use 1-inch of oil filler applied on leather jacket surface and carefully make the peel surface even and make sure oil fillers will not place to the other parts. Over time oil fillers will make the bond with jacket material and make vinyl alike surfaces.

Use Markers and Polish

A simple fix is using a permanent marker to make the peel surfaces of the same color. Extract all the peeling pieces from the leather jacket and use the exact match marker to fix them.

You can use shoe polish as well to do the same task. Simply dig a clean rag into polish and apply it gently to the peel surface to ensure the color is equally matched.

Using Nail Paint

Nail paint or Nail polish is one of the simple, easy, and cheap fixes from all sorts of other fixes. Buy a low-cost nail polish and gently apply it to the exposed area which is peeling and remember the exposed part is clean properly before applying the nail paint.

Nail paint may not have permanently fixed the peeling problem but definitely stops regular peeling.

Using Leather Paint

Leather paint is one of the best ways to fix your leather jacket peeling whether it is a biker or bomber leather jacket. Acrylic is a type of paint that helps to restore vinyl, leather, or faux leather. Simply clean the surface perfectly and do not try to peel more than is required.

Leather Conditioners

Many leather conditioners are available in the market which helps to solve the problem of leather jacket peeling. Ready to use conditioners are available which was used by leather jackets companies a time ago to fix the peeling problem.

Using leather conditioners also helps to protect from harmful sun rays which caused more damages.

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