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All payments and refunds are invoiced in DOLLAR (USD)


Please Choose ‘PayPal’ as your payment option and you will be automatically taken to the PayPal site. If you already maintain a PayPal account you may log in with your user data and confirm the payment. In case you do not maintain a PayPal account, register one and proceed with the payment. Return refunds will be booked in the registered PayPal account.


At the checkout step ’Payment’please choose the option ‘Card’

We accept the following Debit and Credit Cards.


Enter the details of your card on our payment site. We use the latest software for server security which is one of the best which has SSL encryption which provides bug proof and safe communication of the card details.

The amount of the order will be deposited on the card as reserved payment until the order is dispatched and then it will be cancelled.

Payments using Visa or MasterCard

The system is built to recognize whether the card is registered with the3-D security programs which are verified by MasterCard or Visa secure code.

Today there are securities systems in place to ensure that the registered hard holder and the retailer registered online are involved in the transaction. If you have already joined the 3-D secure program as a member, a window will appear on the screen asking for your password when making online purchases. The window has a link with the bank and needs you to enter your Secure Code. Transactions can only be done by entering the correct password.

If the credit card is not registered with the programs mentioned above then the payment can be made without any authentication. To know more about the credit card security please see:

Verified, by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code.

Making Payment by American Express

The system immediately recognizes if the shipping address is same as the address provided to American Express for billing. In case the address is not the same you will have to provide American Express with different shipping address in another email. The shipment will not be delivered till the authentication is successful.

The above applies to all payments by credit card. Refunds from returns will be credited back to the credit card from which the payment was made.

How to Check the Website is Secure before making Payment?

The browser window frame will have a padlock symbol which you will see when you try to log in. Ensure that the paddock is not on the page itself. If the paddock is on the page it can be a fraudulent site. The address of the web should start ‘https://’, where ‘s’ stands for secure. The latest version of the browser will change color of the address to green.

After logging it is best to check the privacy policy of the website. You need to maintain receipts whether electronic or otherwise. Once you log into a site and enter details it is best to log out instead of just closing the browser. Always check credit card and statement of the bank to see that the right amount is debited to your account. It is best to have updated antivirus and firewall running before you log in and furnish the details.

Safe online Payments

When making online payments there is always a risk that a hacker could steal the information and use it to make purchases. It is necessary to keep the device up to date and secure at all times. When it comes to payment the most secure are credit or debit card and PayPal.

Paying with Credit Card is quite good and secure choice for making online payments as it is quite strong against frauds and it is quite easy to reverse the charges if required. With credit card your money is not debited to your account instantly. The money that is debited is from the card insurer’s account and if you act quickly the liability can be as little as $50.

It is best to use credit or debit card for online payments when you are sure it is safe to use it and when you want strong consumer protection.

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