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Custom Leather Jacket

Do you remember the jackets in the movies you saw on television? Is your brand leather jacket available for commission? Embrace the personal touch with a leather jacket and you'll make yourself a unique one.

Choose between several kinds of leather and fabric (Please refer to color swatches). From custom embroidery to sublimated printings. Send me your personal logo, logos, graphics or your favorite quotations for this Leather Jacket!! We're covering it. All garments in this line were created to suit your body shape. Petites, Talls, Shorts. Plus Sizes. All sizes.

A Jacket is a must for many occasions whether you like to go riding on your motorbike or to protect you from the cool winds of fall and winter. You can design and customize your jacket totally unique online within a few hours. You can design your own custom leather jacket with the help from our experienced team.

Do you have a jacket in mind and find the price beyond your reach? Does not worry just provide us with a photograph and we will get one just like it for you. Please send email of photograph of leather jacket design you want along with your requirement e.g. size, color. If you want any modifications you can import them.

Personalized Leather custom Jacket for Men and Women

Do you have a custom jacket on your mind which could turn heads your way while you ride in a blaze of glory?

We are the people who can have a customized jacket for you with the creative process. We do all types of jackets which include motorcycle, blazers, coats, and bombers in personalized designs.

A custom-made jacket is a way to be unique among your friends. We customize jackets for motorcycle clubs, schools, and dance studios among others. You can visit our website to see what we have to offer. If you are one of the bikers in the motorcycle club custom design is a smart way to promote unity and spirit. When you are going through the custom designs on the website if you need help you can contact our customer service team who are very friendly and will help you.

Why choose ZippiLeather to design your own custom leather jacket?

We design all types of jackets even jackets with hoods which are perfect worn for teams, parties, events, and reunions. Choose the color and start with your design. If you need help we have a gallery of design templates to help you make your choice. We have a huge collection of leather jackets women to help you decide.

If you still cannot make up your mind our sales team is always there to help you seven days a week through chat, phone, and email. We offer you a quick turnaround so the custom jacket can reach you in 6-7 business days.

So design your own jacket and be unique among your friends.

Your own model jacket or blazer, not just painted in black in brown, but any color.

High Quality Leather Jackets and Money Back Guarantee!

How much does a custom leather jacket cost?

If you are looking for custom-made or made-to-measure leather clothing at an affordable price then you are at the right place.
The good news is that we do not charge anything extra for any minor customization in our listed products.

For any major customization, we may charge very nominal charges depending upon the amount of customization needed.

Stop looking for custom leather jackets near me - we provide delivery for free to Australia, Canada, USA and UK!

Customer Reviews

Very good custom leather jackets and fits perfectly. Absolutely love. Very happy with the design. In order to obtain a Red leather hoodie, prices were relatively lower. The quality and attention to detail are unparallèled. They were very quick in coordinating my request and they took the jacket exactly where I wanted. Especially with embroidery, the colours are fantastic. The work has been done in a quality manner. Very satisfied. We will surely do business again. We really liked the way it looked like a great jacket.

Everyone should feel confident in their skin

Most of us are probably not capable of pulling out our custom leather suit. When something matches you perfectly, nothing will keep you from trying. Our jackets are durable and attractive and will be your pride for life. My jacket is beautiful with a perfect fit. In general, I am happy with this biker jacket.

Customized leather jackets for you!

What should I get when I look for amazing custom leather jackets with shipping options? You can find jackets of an attractive shape but the sleeves are sometimes too long or the fit is good. You might find perfect leather coat craftsmanship that isn't too cheap.

Would anyone want to have the rest jackets personalized with leather? And yes I do free shipping world.

ZippiLeather store shop site offers a wide range of warm custom branded clothing and accessories tailored to your personal taste. We don't want to wear a flimsy dream jacket, it is too big to wear.

Leather types & colors

All of our leather color comes from the leather and our tannery pull is one of the oldest and the world's most famous. The core of our offer is the highest quality supple leathers, which includes sheepskin, cowhide, lambskin, calfskin, pigskins, and cowhide.

Customize your own leather jacket

Choose from an authentic leather jacket size that suits your style, colour & size. A Design consultant can help you through all stages of design elements from measurements design to product development. Check out design consultant guides.


Once purchased, we will send you an online 3-minute measurement guide. You can use this data as a basis for the analysis of our customers' data for ensuring accurate measurements.


In six to eight months, you'll get your perfect leather blazer. Your coat will give you years to be appreciated and is comfortable for daily wear as well.

Customize your leather jacket online

We let you create completely unique custom leather jackets to suit you perfectly. Choose the hardware option and create your own jackets!

Choose Studs

Pick out which studs you need to add to your jacket (you can get up to three types). It is possible to add pictures of the studs on the jacket.

Choose leather type(free)

Leather: We utilize whatever leather is necessary for making these coats. Sheep Leather. Soft leather is often used in clothing. Using quality sheep slings, we select the most suitable hide available. Leather cows. Leather is durable. This robust feature makes it ideal for motorcycles or motorcycle jackets.

Choose embroidery

You may upload the embroidery work using the following Upload buttons. It's possible to download more files. The accepted file type is. JPEGs. JPEG,. PNAG. PDP,. PDFs. No file selected special instructions on embroidery (optional) cuffed shoulders sleeves.

Choose Lining Color(Free)

No change lining. Navy blue. Royal blues. Red quilts. Maroons. Kelly Green. Pinks and blues. Hunter Greens. White red/yellow checked. Green /Black checks. Red.

Thank you!

Do you have a custom request? You request custom orders from us. We'll call you in a few minutes.


How do you make a leather jacket step by step?

Making a leather jacket is a fairly simple process that involves several basic steps. First, you will need to choose the leather for your old jacket. This can be done either by purchasing pre-cut leather or by selecting and cutting your own pieces from a larger piece of leather.

Next, you will need to decide on the design bespoke process and style of your leather jacket. This can be done either by creating a custom pattern or simply adapting an existing design to the leather you have selected.

Once you have settled on a leather jacket design, the next step is to cut and assemble the individual pieces of leather. This rack process typically involves sewing, gluing, or stitching the various leather pieces together.

Finally, you will need to finish your leather jacket by adding any desired details or accessories. This might include things like zipper, buttons, buckles, and leather fringe.

Overall, the process of making a leather jacket covered is relatively simple and can be customized to suit your own style and preferences.

How are leather jackets made?

After animal meat processing is done, the cow hide skin of the animal is refrigerated or salted in brine barrels. The skins then go into the tannery where they go through several procedures that are aimed at maintaining and softening the hides.

Can a leather jacket be embroidered?

YES. Leather style references are welcome. Embroidered leather shirts offer great gifts that will last for the entire company meeting.

Can you print on a leather jacket?

It's easy to print designs onto leather using laser-printed patches. You could also design the pattern for this patch by hand or pick a few from a collection marketplace. The leather should be cleaned with cotton pads or brushing to remove dirt. Install the pattern on the leather.

How much leather is needed to make a jacket?

Most leather jackets generally use 40 - 45 feet in surface area for their hide. A 5% to 12% waste is caused by skin blemishes resulting from these factors - skin and hides and other factors.

Design Your Own High Quality Custom Leather Jacket

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