How to Store a Leather Jacket?

How to Store a Leather Jacket?

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Leather Jackets are the most versatile and fashionable outfit in the world. It’s a type of outfit you can wear in summer, winter, spring, and fall throughout the year around.

A Leather Jacket simply keeps you stylish and fashionable every time you wear it. But at the same time, leather jackets need extra care and attention when it comes to protecting them. If you are not able to protect it then it leads to permanent damage which results in the loss of money you invested while purchasing and then you need to replace it. You can safeguard your leather jacket for decades by maintaining it properly. In this article, find out how you can store a leather jacket?

Do Proper Cleaning

A Leather Jacket must be clean properly before storing it, and you can simply clean it with soap and water. Yes, you don’t need any special products to clean your leather jacket just take soap with lukewarm water and clean its surface gently.

Simply take a washcloth with lukewarm water along with a soap solution and rub your leather jacket slowly and gently to all its surface and allow to dry properly. Cleaning is an essential process before storing a leather jacket.

Use Wooden Cloth Hanger

Always remember do not hang your leather jacket here or there, always use a wooden cloth hanger to hang it. Leather Jackets develop wrinkles if you don’t use a cloth hanger. Once your leather jacket develops wrinkles then it will be very hard to remove them and it results in a bad appearance.

When you stored your leather jacket on a wooden hanger properly then it will keep maintain its shape and minimizing the risk of developing wrinkles. Remember, wooden hangers are more preferable as compared to plastic hanger because they likely to easily carry the weight of genuine leather jacket.

Protect From Direct Sunlight

It’s good to store your leather jacket away from direct sunlight because harmful sun rays could fade your leather jacket color. If you expose your leather jacket to direct sunlight for the short-term then it’s completely fine but if stored permanently exposed to sunlight then it leads to serious damages. For example, a dark shiny brown colored leather jacket turned into a light brown colored leather jacket when exposed to direct sunlight in a few weeks or months.

Do Proper Conditioning

Don’t forget to condition your leather jacket every few months. Many industry experts also said that a leather jacket must be conditioned in say every 3 months. Proper conditioning allows you to protect your leather from dry out. Doing proper conditioning will moisturize the surface of the leather jacket and it’s very important to do.

You can use leather conditioners to do the job or you can use soap solution with lukewarm water. Do it once every three to six months.

Keep Away From Clothes

A leather Jacket must be stored away from other clothes whether it's denim, shirts, or jeans. If you don’t do it then your leather jacket might absorb colors from other clothes.


Leather Jackets can even last forever if they maintain and store properly. Many people don’t know how to take care of their leather jacket which results in permanent damages and loss of money as well. Follow the steps listed above to properly store your leather jacket and look amazing every time you wear it.

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