Leather Coat Restoration

Leather Coat Restoration

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Does your leather coat also degrade? If you wear a leather coat for long then it will degrade after few times. In this blog, you will know how you can restore a leather coat in the following steps:


Clean Properly


You can’t even think about restoring a leather coat without cleaning it. Over time leather coats start degrading by dust and dirt which results in bad appearance. You can simply clean a leather coat or leather jacket with a simple cloth or by gentle soaps. You can also buy leather soaps which are easily available to clean leather clothes.


Look for Damages


After cleaning, you have to look out for the leather coat damages. However, leather coats are made of high-quality leather so they are naturally protected against any kind of damage but due to any external factor or any signs of stitching damage, always have a deep look in order to find any damage, if found any – repair instantly.


Use Clothes Hanger


Always use a high-quality clothes hanger especially made of wood rather than plastic to store your leather coat, leather loses its original shape if not stored properly. Do not put your leather coat on the bed or elsewhere in the home always try to store it at a cloth hanger.


Keep Dry


Leather is like a sponge, it absorbs and holds water which results in damages. To avoid that, always try to keep your leather coat dry. In the rainy season use a dry towel to avoid mildew which causes when leather absorbs water.


Replace Buttons


Remove/replace old buttons that get loose over time with new ones. It’s a simple process to replace buttons by using the same color thread and needle. Use the same color same design buttons to maintain its original appearance.


Don’t Wash


Some leather coats are not machine washable so as mentioned before leather holds and absorbs water which results in mildew which further results into permanent damage.


Don’t Use other Cleaning Products


Do not ever use any other cleaning products such as ammonia, alcohol, bleach, or any other solvent to clean the leather coat. To maintain a leather coat at its original appearance only use leather soaps, leather conditioners, and leather detergents otherwise it results in some serious damages.



In few cases, your old leather coat needs replacement with a new one. You can replace it if the damages are too serious or not possible to restore. A high-quality leather coat lasts longer for more than decades if taken care properly, always prefer pure leather coat to make it a smart investment for both men & women.

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