How to wear black leather blazer with a shirt and tie?

How to wear black leather blazer with a shirt and tie?

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Black Leather blazers are in fashion for more than a century and still is an ideal fashion statement for men and women. Just by wearing it, one can change his entire attitude and confidence. You might think that wearing a leather blazer is a hell of a work but in reality, it’s pretty simple and you can easily match a black one with many of your outfits. A black leather blazer will grow up your standard and will make you look more classic.

Here are some steps to remember while wearing a leather blazer:

First Step: Finding the right blazer

First of all, you need to select the best price bracket suitable to your budget. These come between the range of 200$ to 2000$ and higher. A high-quality blazer will be highly-priced and some leather lovers believe that you should never pay less than 200$ for a leather blazer.

You should also consider the quality and the type of leather you are going to buy. The leather should be warmer and it must resist wind. Leather provides by a lamb or sheepskin is more delicate and considered a good quality leather.

Second step: Wear Your Blazer Casually

You can choose jeans to pair with your black leather blazer which will give you an optimal look. This is an iconic combo which suits well with every body type persons. You can also wear casual light coloured pant that will bring out the gentlemen in you. You can steal the show just by standing there in your casual pants and blazer.

Third step: Wear it with a shirt and tie

Many peoples got confused while choosing the right shirt or tie with their blazers. Well, you should choose a white shirt or a light coloured shirt to maintain its contrast with black. The shirt must be well fitted to you and should not have any loosen corners. A white shirt with dark trouser would enhance your overall looks to the peak.

Most people love to wear blazers at workplaces to maintain their seniority and to show their positive attitude. If you are in the same boat then you should definitely wear it with a light colour shirt and a darker tie. The tie must be of a darker side such as black, brown or some darker side of red.

Fourth step: Accessories touch-ups

Without the proper accessories, your outfit is incomplete. You can wear some leather shoes with your black leather blazer and a scarf. The right type of scarf will pop up your fashion statement. Try to wear the same coloured tie and shoes or the same coloured scarf and shoes. It is essential to contrast these two and for that brown will be the best one.

How to style an outfit totally depends upon a person's body structure and choices but if you are the one who wants perfect attire so have a tour on our website and explore a wide range of leather apparels.

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