How to Style a Leather Shirt?

How to Style a Leather Shirt?

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Are you tired of wearing the same kind of shirt every day? If so, maybe you should invest in a leather shirt. Leather shirts offer a unique style that’s not planted in cotton and other traditional- fabric shirts. They're satiny, ultramodern, cool, and comfortable.

Stylish of all maybe, you can include them in utmost casual outfits, assuming you choose the right type. How do you choose and style a leather shirt exactly?

How to Choose Real Leather?

Don’t underrate the significance of choosing a leather shirt made of real leather. There’s real leather, and there’s artificial leather. Artificial leather, of course, is fake leather. It doesn’t correspond to beast hide. Rather, it consists of a synthetic material that’s reused to mimic the characteristics of real leather.

While an artificial leather shirt may look like the real deal, it falls short in numerous areas. Artificial leather shirts frequently have a chemical-suchlike odor; they aren’t as soft, and they don’t last as long.

You’ll get value for every single penny spent if you go with the real leather shirts. Original leather shirts have the same characteristics and value as compared to leather jackets made of real leather.

Real leather shirts smell better, have a softer texture, and last longer than those made of faux/duplicate leather. However, make sure it features 100 real leather construction if you’re going to buy a leather shirt. Else, you won’t be suitable to take advantage of these benefits.

Consider Sleeve Type Leather Shirts

You must take care of the sleeve type when choosing a real leather shirt. Usually, with another type of cotton shirt, leather shirts for men & women come in two types of sleeves, one is short sleeve and the other is long-sleeve.

Short-sleeve leather shirts have partial sleeves that extend a short way past your biceps when worn. Long-Sleeve leather shirts are full-length sleeves up to the wrist and keep you warm in the winter season.

Both types of sleeves are totally dependent on which season or occasion you are planning to wear it. Short sleeve leather shirts are usually preferred for the summer and spring season as hands are exposed to the external environment and in the case of long sleeves, leather shirts are preferred in winters and fall season where they provide extra warmth and cover hands up to the wrist. With that said, you can generally wear either type of leather shirt time-round.

Choose Between Pull-Over and Button Up

Another thing to think about while picking a leather shirt is whether you need a pull-over or button-up style.

Pull-over leather shirts are the most well-known. They are known as "pull-over" leather shirts since they are worn by pulling them over your head and upper body. Button-up leather shirts are diverse as they are worn by affixing a section of buttons on the front.

You can wear a button-up leather shirt by putting your arms through the sleeves, trailed by affixing the buttons on the front. Most button-up leather shirts have a solitary segment of buttons on the front. Subsequent to setting your arms through the sleeves, you can attach these buttons to get the leather shirt set up.

How to Check Collar While Selecting Leather Shirt?

You should check the collar while picking a leather shirt. Some of them have a casual collar. Other leather shirts have a dressier and more conventional collar.

Most leather shirts have a casual collar. Known as a crew-neck collar, it includes a basic plan that is agreeable and simple to wear. In case you're intending to wear your leather shirt in semi-formal outfits, however, you might need to pick an alternate collar.

Most importantly you really wanted to check the collar while picking a leather shirt. You can't change the collar. All things considered, you should pick a leather shirt with the fitting collar style.

Possibly you incline toward a casual collar, or maybe you favor a formal casual. Notwithstanding, you should check the collar while picking a leather shirt to guarantee that it coordinates with your personal inclination.

How to Choose Versatile Color?

It's suggested that you pick a leather shirt in a versatile color. With a versatile color, you'll have the option to wear it in more outfits. Versatile colors are characterized by their simplicity of joining with different colors. If your leather shirt includes a versatile color, you can have confidence realizing that it will coordinate — or possibly stream firmly — with most different colors.

Check some of the versatile colors that leather shirts have:

·         Black

·         Blue

·         Maroon

·         Brown

·         Red

·         White

How to Style a Leather Overshirt?

I'm not sure you'd ever choose leather as the most adaptable fabric from a list of options, but this season's trends suggest otherwise. Last year, leather dresses had the upper hand, but in 2022, it's all about the leather overshirt, and knowing how to style a leather overshirt is equally important. This is the ultimate in upgraded essentials, not heavy enough to be classified as a jacket but thick enough to be layered over a T-shirt.

Both high-street and high-end brands have jumped on board, making this ostensibly high-end trend a surprisingly simple and affordable method to make your fall clothing appear more costly. We've already seen a slew of influencers wearing various leather shirt styles, each with their own take on the trend.

We're making sure that anything we buy now can be worn in the cooler months as well, and the leather shirt is clearly appropriate for the tough transitional time. Why not dress up a white tee or cami dress with a black leather shirt for evening cocktails while the weather is still warm? When fall arrives, just replace your sweater with a roll-neck and fitted pants.

Leather Shorts + Boxy Black Leather Shirt

Given that double denim might be a reach for some, double leather may be a style reserved for the most daring among us. If it appeals to you, this duo will undoubtedly become a go-to in the off-season.

Jeans + Leather Shirt + Statement Top

In the summer, I like to wear it with a statement shirt and high-waisted jeans, and in the winter, I like to wear it with a roll-neck and fitted pants.

Leather Shirt with Knots + Tailored Trousers

This buttery figure-hugging shirt was made to be paired with neutral items for a luxury fall look.

Color-Pop Skirt + Brown Leather Shirt

Color clashing is all the rage these days, and the secret is to choose tones from opposite ends of the color wheel.

Best Way to Wear a Leather Shirt?

Leather is a high-end material. The fabric enhances the shirt and allows for a variety of style options when worn as a shirt. The men’s leather shirt's sheen adds dimension, making it simple to layer and contrast with a range of materials.

Leather is a thicker fabric than other shirt fabrics, allowing the shirt to be worn as a jacket. Layer over your favorite shirt and pair it with casual pants for a laid-back style.

For the ultimate leather-look, pair the leather shirt with leather pants. Make sure you don't work up a sweat because leather isn't the most breathable material.

When it comes to pairing a black leather shirt men with the proper color, white is an obvious choice because it produces a striking contrast. Otherwise, go for camel, taupe’s, and browns in the world of beige.

How to Style a Brown Leather Shirt?

·         Wear a brown leather shirt jacket with navy chinos for a simple yet versatile look that can be dressed up or down in a variety of ways. Wear a more polished pair of shoes, like these dark brown leather loafers, to complete the appearance.

·         Put together a brown leather shirt jacket and black chinos to improve your style game. When this outfit becomes a little too elegant, throw on a pair of white sports sneakers to bring it down a notch.

·         Combining a brown leather shirt jacket with khaki dress pants is a tried-and-true approach to add some manly elegance to your look. Consider a pair of dark brown leather shoes as the finishing touch to your ensemble.

·         Combine a brown leather shirt jacket and mint chinos for an effortlessly classic look. If you're not sure what to wear, pair your outfit with brown leather casual boots.

·         You can easily obtain a laid-back style with a modern twist by wearing a brown leather shirt jacket and beige pants. With shoes, you may go for a classic look by pairing this outfit with a pair of dark brown leather loafers.

·         Your existing off-duty look will be elevated with a brown leather shirt jacket and grey checkered pants. To spice things up, add tobacco leather Chelsea boots to the mix.


Men's leather shirts are the essence of traditional men's outerwear, and they come in a wide range of shapes and colors, allowing you to stay on top of the fashion game.

The leather shirt is so much more than simply a throw-on. It has the remarkable power to turn your appearance around in seconds, is incredibly easy to pull off, and is surely one of the most fashionable ways to keep warm. You'll be the center of attention if you wear it with a sweatshirt, t-shirt, cotton pants, or even chinos.

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