How To Pick The Right Size Leather Motorcycle Jacket?

How To Pick The Right Size Leather Motorcycle Jacket?

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You buy a leather jacket for riding as a long-term investment. So, before buying a motorcycle leather jacket you must consider what kind of jacket you are going to buy, what color you should get? What size of leather jacket you should wear? What style will look good on you? There will be thousands of question arise in your mind and the biggest one is how to select the right size motorcycle leather jacket? And we are here to help you in this condition of chaos.

Selecting the right size is really important when you are going riding, Jacket comfort and fitting give you more confidence and protect you against air blows, dust, dirt, abrasion, impacts, and scratch.

How To Pick The Right Size? - Take help from your friend

You must take your measurements with soft tape before buying a leather motorcycle jacket. As you know you cannot measure perfectly with your own so hand over the tape to your friend. Firstly check your chest and back area. You must not take any deep breaths as it will increase a few inches in your measurement.

If you are going to order a custom-made leather jacket so checks properly the product description page then take measures according to them. One thing you should be more careful about is your arm length and width. If it comes under 20 inches range so measure from shoulder to elbow and end at the wrist. If it comes under 30 inches range then your friend should measure from the spine at the base of your neck instead. At last, run tape around your torso for waist measurement. You should be aware of jacket sizing unite whether it alpha unites or numeric unite.

Select your Motorcycle riding style and protections

Any manufacturer can make a jacket specially customized for you. There is one kind of leather shirt styled by the manufacturer with motorcycling features and protection inside. If you are a rider who frequently uses your bike then a black motorcycle leather jacket is for you. Moto leather shirts fit perfectly to most of the riders and look really good on riders but the problem is they provide you a good look but don’t provide you good safety at high speeds.

For the riders who want a perfect jacket for an all-weather condition that can be used in summer or winter then you should go for full textile. These jackets depend on the type of material used to make the jacket that protects from dirt, impacts, and weather elements. They are also waterproof and you can easily ride in rainy weather with this dress-up.

Check for a proper leather jacket fitting

After receiving your motorcycle leather jacket check its dimensions and wear it in your house for a little period. Just don’t wear it and start the engine. Check its arms-length and shoulder fitting is comfortable while starching your arms a little bit, sit on your bike the way you are habitual and move to check if there is no resistance in turning, and moving. If it's too long then it will not keep you protected and might lose some of its protective abilities. 

If everything looks good and you are sure that your motorcycle leather jacket is ready for rides so go out and celebrate your new jacket. Your jacket works as a shield to protect you on roads. It also must look good on you and the quality of the jacket matters the most.

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