How to Measure for Leather Chaps?

How to Measure for Leather Chaps?

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Leather Chaps are basically intended to protect or cover the legs of cowboys/cowgirls while they are riding on a motorcycle. The purpose of leather chaps is to provide safety and it works as an important safety gear for all bike riders. Now there is one question that asked too many times regarding leather chaps is about its sizing. Choosing the correct size can be quite tricky especially when you are buying for the first time. But once you learn how to measure for leather chaps perfectly it will help you a lot while buying leather chaps for men & women both.

How Do I Measure for Leather Chaps/How do you Measure for Chaps?

The most important measurement for leather chaps is your thighs measurement. Because the size of your thighs helps you to get the proper measurement for the leather chaps and it will help you to choose a perfect fitted chap for you. Now you can measure your thighs with the help of your existing jeans or pants. Simply measure your things and add 1-2 extra inches and choose your leather chaps according to that. If you want an exact fit then go with 1 inch extra and if you want a bit lose then go with 2 inches extra.

With leather chaps the only thing that is not adjustable is your thighs and that’s why it becomes extremely important to measure your thighs accurately and choose your chaps on the basis of thigh measurements. There are chaps extender also available which helps you to wear your chaps’ wheatear you put on some weight or loose. It helps you to use the same leather chap rather than investing your money for a new one.

How to Size Motorcycle Chaps?

·         Make sure your measure your thighs accurately and add extra 1-2 inches.

·         Measure from the sitting position as well because our thighs expand whenever we sit and stand up.

·         Make sure you always measure both the thighs accurately.

·         Measure your thighs when you are wearing jeans or whatever you like to wear under the leather chaps.

·         Thighs measurement is most crucial because it’s not adjustable at all.

·         Next take accurate measurements for your waist because leather chaps come with waist belts and if your waist size is smaller then you need to make more holes on the waist belt.

·         Measure the overall length as well because length is also one of the main aspects of a leather chap. When you sit on your motorcycle the chap will go up and in standing position it will go down so make sure you take all the measurement properly.

How do you Measure Half Chaps?

·         Make sure you measure your calf width over the type of jeans you are going for a motorcycle ride. It depends on the thickness of your jeans/pants how half leather chaps going to fit you.

·         Always try to wear boots with your half chaps to ensure proper fitting of chaps with boots.

·         While fitting your half chaps for the first time might feel you snug but any elastic the panel must be fitted with leather to provide that comfort and help your legs fitting in properly.

·         Make sure your half chaps are not loose at all in the beginning because they will become more baggy and loose in the coming days.

How are Western Chaps Sizes Measured?

While measuring your western chaps you need to make sure that you already wear the clothes you normally wear in daily lifestyle. By using soft measurement tape and its best if any other person take your measurements and make sure in case of leather chaps, leather will stretch in the areas of stress such as your knee. In case of western chaps, it is important to take your hip and upper thigh measurements properly and lose your tape if you want a bit loose western chaps and tight if you need the exact fit.

How do you fit leather chaps?

Let’s start with unzipped and unsnapped both legs of the chaps. Use your right hand, hold the upper half of the chaps between the lacing and the back of the right thigh. Make sure your right leg's inside will be facing you.

Pass the first part of the zipper among both your legs from front to back, carrying it to your right hand, and let go of the top with your left hand.

In your left hand, grab the second end of the zipper. Zip the right leg by moving the zippers from the front of your thigh, well below the thickest part of your thigh.

Place the zipper on the outside back of the leg. Drag the chaps up on your leg, but not yet.

Cross the belt and the left leg of the chaps behind you, just above the knee, to your left leg.

Pass the female end of the zipper between your legs and into your left hand.

Zip the left leg and move the zippers to the front of the thigh.

Place the zipper on the outside of the leg, facing back.

Pull your black leather chaps men up and fasten the buckles. Squat and stretch them out as if you're attempting to bust them. Put yourself in the position of a catcher and bounce.

Because it is most protected from wind and rain on the outside back of the leg, the zipper is located there.

If you can (barely) fit your hand between your thigh and the chap’s leg, it's a good fit in the thigh. You shouldn't be able to move your hand or wiggle your fingers once it's inside.

What Size Leather Chaps Do I Wear? 





























































This chart can’t be 100% accurate. Every person has a different body type.

Chap Measurement Guide


If you are confused about how to check the perfect size of chaps to wear then start measuring my thighs, Sit down on a chair with jeans on and start measuring your thighs in this position. Secondly come to the waist, whatever your waist length is currently just add 3 to 4 inches more to get fitted leather chaps.

The third point comes to our seam length, wear your riding boot and measure from your belting point to down last to the floor.

Most Common FAQ for Men’s Leather Chaps:

Will leather Do half chaps stretch?


They stretch, but because you won't be bending your knee much in the saddle, no more than 90 degrees.


What are half chaps for?

A rider's lower leg is protected and supported by half chaps. They keep the rider's pants from flying up or twisting by preventing chafing and friction caused by saddle leathers. Half chaps protect your leg from the saddle and improve your grip, they're very useful while leaping. They also look like tall boots and keep your legs warm during the winter.

What are the best half chaps?

When you're in the saddle, the ideal half chaps, and gaiters will protect your thigh from pinch and bruises. They offer the impression of long leather boots when paired with short riding boots. The use of partial chaps or gaiters with short boots often gives the rider additional ankle flexibility and eliminates the need to break in lengthy riding boots.

How do you break in half chaps in leather?

The best way to break it in is to wear it, like with everything horsey. It shouldn't take long for suede half chaps to break in. Just run a few times up and down the stairs before letting the actual riding break them in. If you're concerned about their cleanliness, put them on just before riding and remove them straight afterward.

Do I need half chaps?

Tall boots and half chaps are worn to protect the leg from rubbing and cramping, as well as to offer more grip on the saddle. Half chaps are frequently easier to fit and less costly than tall boots, making them a popular choice among many casual riders.

How long should chaps be?

Most leather chaps are 35 inches. You're fine to go if your inseam is 35 inches or less. When you receive your chaps and take them on to ensure that they fit you well at the thigh and waist, if they are too long, you can easily cut them with scissors.


You'll want to measure your legs to make sure the half chaps fit properly, much like the rest of the gear horse riders wear. Chaps are worn to support cowboys' thighs from the risks of working with cattle, horses, and other livestock on a regular basis. They protect riders' legs from brush scratching and harm from cactus, sagebrush, mesquite, and several other prickly vegetation stings. Leather chaps may be the solution if you're seeking a leg-protecting solution. They give support and protection, and they're also worn with more comfortable riding boots. This leather chap guide covers all you need to know about leather chaps.

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