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With forces around making the decision in what people wear to work, play or workout, people are always on the lookout for new apparels and brands coming into the stores. ZippiLeather is a online retailer for men’s and women’s leather fashions and have fabulous collection of leather jackets, blazers, coats, bombers, pants, skirts, shorts, vests, jumpsuits, dresses and halters. Browse through to see what is ideal for you.

Our collection includes motorcycle clothing for men and women. Our best collection is curated to get you some of the finest designs from genuine leather. Some of these designer pieces that we show feel as good in the flesh as they look online.

You can order leather goods that you feel are just right for you and we will send them. In case you feel any of them are just not right for you when you try them on, you can always return them and we will refund the amount within 6-7 business days.

Customer Service to Meet Individual Needs

Our customer service team is exceptionally good to help you know the right outfit for you for any occasion whether it is office or an evening out. If you cannot decide on a particular outfit they will drape on a mannequin and show you exactly how it will look on you when you give them your vital statistics.

With our enormous collection of riding jackets which are the best designs in the world, people browse through our collection and order outfits from us. Our team in charge of customer service will answer all your queries any time during the six working days. On request we also provide our customers with VIP service. Some of the leather clothing and apparel that we have is from designers that were on the top spot during the last year.

We are a powerhouse of custom leather jackets and there is something for every individual in our collection, even for kids. You can choose some of the exclusives or their distinguished labels. We are also close to the people in the ‘green’ arena by having fabrics that are eco-friendly.

Why Choose Us?

ZippiLeather is the world’s online retailer for luxury fashions for women and you can have apparel from some of the best world renowned designers. We understand that you can walk into any fashion store and try an outfit and buy it but here you do not have to waste time as you can browse through our collection as you travel to office or go for your walks.

All your inquiries are responded to by our expert customer service team. Our product page will provide you a complete detail about the product you are deciding to buy. In case you do not like the item, you can return it with your own shipping charge and we will make correction and send to you.

We have a wide choice in colors that many online stores do not have. Our shipping is fast and reliable and you can get your item within 6-7 business days. Our data system is well protected so you can be sure your payment will be secure. When you shop with us you can have a luxury experience that is unique and a customer service that is exceptional helping you with your choice.

What makes us one of the Best?

We have been one of the world’s online retailers for the past 15 years and have the expertise of dealing with all types of customers. Years of experience have made us the best to attend to every customer’s unique needs.
You will hear from our customers about our chic and affordable clothing and accessories. Those who are fashion lovers and like to riding or go party, we have right outfits from wide collection that you can pick up. You will definitely have heads turning your way when you go to party in these outfits.

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