Digital Security

We deploy advanced digital security systems to make sure that your personal data is encrypted safely using an encrypted format. In addition, adequate technical measures are undertaken to safeguard our website against destruction, fraud, damages or unauthorized access.

SSL technology

By leveraging SSL Secure Socket Layer) technology, we ensure utmost security of the transmission of personal data, such as account information and credit card. This encrypted data is deciphered only upon the usage of a payment system.

3-D-Secure process

3-D Secure Programs developed by Mastercard and Visa ensure that the transaction entails just the registered online retailer and card holder. By being a member of this program, you will be asked to enter a password while making an online purchase. The window, which is connected with your bank, needs you to enter your previously selected SecureCode (or password) in order to make a transaction. You may want to contact your bank for further information on whether your credit card is eligible for the 3-D Secure Program.