Privacy Policy

At ZippiLeather, we collect customer personal details so that we serve them better. We pledge to respect our visitors’ are privacy rights, and maintain this information carefully and use it where and if required.

Below is a description of the manner in which we collate, safeguard and use the personal details of those who visit our website. By visiting our website or providing your personal details to us, you, our customer, inevitably accept the practices we follow as described below.


By registering on our website, we ask that you provide your name, address, e-mail address, day phone number, mobile number, credit card information when making a purchase and create a user name and password for use on our website. With this information, we are able to maintain a user profile of all our visitors so that we can customize each user’s preferences and provide a quicker method for our existing customers to make purchases with us.

We also request the following information of our visitors: their evening phone numbers, date of birth and gender. Of course, this is optional. With this information, we will have a more rounded information of each customer and can better tailor specific promotions, notifications or features to you.


There’s a feature of shopping anonymously on our website, whereby visitors who wish to buy products from our website can choose not to register on our website.  Such people who wish to purchase products from our site without registering will only be asked for information relevant to make the transaction. Anonymous shoppers’ information will be kept secret only insofar as a transaction has to be made and to maintain the Company’s sales records. It will not be used for any marketing efforts.


When registering on our website, visitors will be allowed to choose whether they would like to receive our online newsletter or not.

From time to time our website might undergo some changes in functionality. At such times, we may use your personal information collected during the registration process to notify you about such changes, new website services and special offers that we consider valuable to you. If you prefer not to receive any such information from (company name) or would like to opt out of any request for information or mass marketing communication, simply reply to the email you receive by typing “UNSUBSCRIBE” in the email subject line. As a rule, we do not collect our customers’ navigational information.


We work with esteemed third parties like Google to display our text links, banners and other forms of advertisements on certain Internet sites. We regularly use Google Analytics data and the DoubleClick cookie to give out ads based on a user’s earlier visits to our website. If you wish to opt out of the DoubleClick cookie, you can do so by visiting the Google advertising opt-out page. However, if you choose not to be party to this, you are welcome to opt out of it whenever you wish.


We believe in keeping our customers’ order information absolutely secure, so we accept orders only from those web browsers that allow for communication through Transport Layer Security (TLS) with basic certificate strengths of 128 bit or more. TLS is the next generation of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology, which focuses on providing security by encryption and protection of your order information while it is sent over the Internet.

When you click the checkout button while making an online purchase, your computer starts communicating with our server securely. When your web address changes from http to https, you are in secure mode. We always use the maximum security measures on our site, however it is not entirely possible to be 100% secure. You are as responsible for protecting your information as we are. For tips on how to keep your own information secure when shopping online, please click the link below.