How to Wear Leather Motorcycle Chaps While Riding?

How to Wear Leather Motorcycle Chaps While Riding?

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For most of its history, leather was known for its rugged qualities and employed by those that needed a durable material to guard their legs during manual labor and outdoor activities like horseback riding.

Leather chaps are leather garments traditionally meant to be worn over pants. They cover the legs and buckle sort of a belt around the waist, and supply protection from chafing or friction. Most frequently worn by horseback riders, they're also fashionable motorcycle riders for cover while riding.

What are Leather Chaps?

Leather biker chaps were basically worn by those that used to do horse riding to stop chafing or clothing wear from friction.

Leather motorcycle chaps today are worn for this same purpose by ranchers, etc. who frequently ride horses. Further, it is evolving more as motorcycle riders for leg protection from environmental factors also as potential road rash from falls or accidents.

The leather motorcycle chaps are that the go-to choice for anyone trying to find an edgy-yet-polished look.

Outside of the style world, however, leather is understood for its utilitarian properties and employed by many whose jobs require much manual labor outdoors.

Leather Motorcycle Chaps are helpful while protecting the legs from external friction and other environmental factors.

Because they’re made up of original leather products, leather biker chaps tend to be quite expensive, ranging from around $70 to over $300.

Leather motorcycle chaps are very popular as they are the most fashionable, but only genuine leather chaps are the ones that last a lifetime.

Types of Leather Chaps

There are many sorts of leather chaps. “Non-working” types are mostly made from faux leather or other materials and worn for fashion purposes. There are three sorts of “working” leather chaps:

The most prominent is that the classic leather chap is meant for horseback riding. These are often worn by ranchers et al. who work with horses often.

The second type is that the equestrian chap. These look almost like classic chaps and serve an equivalent purpose, but they'll be more tailored and lower-profile.

The third most prominent type is that the motorcycle chap. These could also be just like classic chaps, but are typically exclusively made from black leather and are designed for motorcycle riding. They need a rather slimmer fit than traditional work chaps and should not have as high an increase on the leg, as they're mostly meant to guard the lower third of the wearer’s leg.

Horseback Leather Chaps

Leather Riding Chaps for Horses

Leather chaps are designed specifically for professional horse riding are also known as equestrian chaps. These chaps are tailored to the wearer’s leg so as to suit over tight-fitting equestrian breeches. Leather biker chaps protect against various things such as accidents, friction, and so on.

Women’s Western Leather Chaps

Western leather chaps are looser-fitting chaps designed to suit casual pants, like heavy-duty denim. Women’s styles are typically slightly fitted but are otherwise constructed in an equivalent way to men’s.

Leather Motorcycle Chaps

Harley-Davidson Leather Motorcycle Chaps

Harley-Davidson is one of the best and famous motorcycle brands all around the world. While it's going to be desirable to shop for leather chaps from a leather online store, commercial leather chaps like those from Harley-Davidson could also be a neater find for several riders.

Because they’re commercially made, they presumably are available in a wider range of sizes and designs for a lower cost than a custom-made alternative.

Harley-Davidson’s chaps are solely for motorcycle riding, in order that they are only available in pure leather (which is definitely more protective & better than faux leather).

Women’s Leather Motorcycle Chaps

Women’s leather motorcycle chaps tend to be slightly more fitted than men’s and should feature more feminine, decorative embellishments like grommet lacing, embossing or tooling, and embroidery. These chaps can also sit slightly lower on the help mimic women’s jeans styles.

Custom Leather Motorcycle Chaps

For those that are always riding a motorbike, custom chaps could also, be a far better choice than commercially available options.

Custom leather motorcycle chaps for women are any chaps that are custom-made to the wearer’s exact measurements; custom-made chaps, like all custom-made apparels, ensure an ideal fit.

By commissioning a custom pair of chaps, the wearer also has the chance to customize any embellishment, color, or finish they desire.

How to Style Leather Chaps?

Leather Chaps for Women

Women’s Leather Motorcycle Chaps are often produced in the same way as men's leather chaps are. Women's leather chaps are made significantly differently by various shops and artisans just for the comfort of the woman wearing them. Women's imitation leather costume chaps are more readily accessible than men's, making them a popular choice for seductive costumes, clubwear, or a simple fashion statement.

Brown Leather Chaps

Working or Western chaps are most commonly made of brown leather. These more natural tones show less wear and grime, making them an excellent alternative for these types. Biker Leather Chaps Men rustic appearance may appeal to people who want their leather chaps to endure as long as possible, since the finish is frequently more matte and aged-looking than black leather chaps.

Men's Leather Chaps with Fringe

Men's fringed leather chaps are typically found in Western or motorcycle styles. Fringe is most commonly found on Western chaps, although it may also be found on some men's motorcycle chaps. Fringe was originally designed to let raindrops flow off the wearer's leg more quickly.

Things to Consider Before Buying Leather Chaps

Sizing: How to measure leather chaps

Finding how to measure leather chaps are simple but if you're buying a pair of bespoke leather chaps, the leatherworker will almost certainly take your measurements.

Leather chaps are typically two inches bigger than the diameter of your thighs. Measure your thigh at its widest point while sitting and wearing pants to determine your size (or whatever you plan to wear under the chaps). Your size is two inches larger than your thigh size.

While chaps come with an adjustable waist belt, if your waist measurement is larger than the belt size, you can buy belt extenders manufactured particularly for chaps.


The material characteristics to search for in your new leather chaps are totally dependent on your intended application. Genuine leather is a fantastic alternative for costume chaps because of its price and wide selection of colors and finishes. Genuine leather is required for working chaps, horseback riding chaps, and motorcycle chaps to provide the desired protection.


Chaps come in a wide range of qualities, with synthetic leather costume chaps clearly being the lowest. It's debatable what the next best quality is, but custom-made leather chaps are clearly superior to commercially available chaps like those offered by Harley-Davidson.

How to Clean and Store Leather Chaps

Cleaning leather chaps is as simple as wiping a damp, lint-free cloth over the surface. If a deeper clean is necessary, a leather cleaner specialized for the type of leather used in the chaps would be the most effective.

You'll need to take care of your chaps and maintain them clean if you want them to last a long time. Work the dirt off of the leather with a little water and saddle soap. As you clean, keep washing your cloth or sponge to avoid grinding dirt back into the leather. To keep the leather supple, treat and moisturize it once it has been cleaned.

Natural leathers should be kept in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight. Faux leathers, which are typically composed of plastic, should be maintained away from sunshine and moisture to maintain their optimum condition.

The Benefits of Motorcycle Leather Chaps


Chaps add an extra layer of protection to your legs. Wind, rain, and road debris can cause this, as can road rash following a fall off your bike.


While riding, leather chaps will keep your legs toasty. Wind chill may make it seem much colder on the bike than it does while stopped. Chaps keep you warm while riding and allow you to remove them when it gets too hot.


There's no doubting that wearing black leather biker chaps will give you a distinctive biker look. For even more flair, look for chaps with additional details like zippers, braids, and embroidery.


Chaps are used to avoid saddle sores, as well as to protect legs from injury and trousers from tearing while riding through dense shrubs or another difficult terrain. They usually go all the way down the leg, from the waist to the boot.

When riding a motorbike, nothing beats leather for protection. Wearing a complete leather suit or pants, on the other hand, maybe rather hot, therefore chaps are the ideal answer. You may wear your favorite pair of jeans first, then your chaps.

Your leather chaps will protect and warm your legs while riding. When you get to your location, you can remove them and wear only your jeans.

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