How to Wear a Leather Jacket without Looking like a Biker?

How to Wear a Leather Jacket without Looking like a Biker?

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If you wear a leather jacket then it does not make you a biker or you don’t need to be a biker to wear a leather jacket. Eventually, leather jackets are biker’s first preference while riding a bike and there are various types of biker’s jackets available as well but still there are various popular styles as well such as bomber leather jackets, cafe racer leather jackets, leather coats, and blazers. Each leather jacket has its own characteristic and unique appearance to make you look good every time you wear it. Read this article to find out how you can wear a leather jacket without looking like a biker.

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Always Take Care of Leather Jacket

If you are planning to buy a leather jacket, then always maintain it in good condition because leather the jacket is a smart investment and if you don’t want to ruin it then you must take care of your leather jacket.

If we talk about the biker’s look they mostly wear leather jackets with no care to make it look rugged so that they can make a funky style and look with holes in pants and coat. But it works for them to achieve the look they want to but ruining an expensive leather jacket is something not everyone can afford or non-bikers.

If you want to do well take care of your leather jacket properly then do moisturizing, cleaning, and washing properly so that you can appear good every time you wear a leather jacket.

Don’t Add Patches

If you are not a fan of patches then do not add any patches to your leather jacket if you do then it looks very punky and might not suit your look. If you don’t want to look like a biker then don’t add any patches at all.

Wear Sneakers

Always wear your leather jacket with sneakers rather than boots if you don’t want to look like a biker. Bikers always prefer boots with leather jackets so this seems one of the best ways to not look like a biker if you go with sneakers.

Sneakers look super stylish and fashionable and you can get in various colors as well.

Slim-Fit Jeans

Wear slim-fit/skinny jeans to avoid looking like a biker and slim-fit jeans make a really good pair with leather jackets. Bikers don’t prefer skinny jeans at all they go with baggy pants to make rough/raw look so wearing a decent pair of slim-fit jeans with a leather jacket set you apart and make your appearance more appealing.

Go with Colors

You don’t need to wear only black & brown leather jackets – there are plenty of colors available to choose from where you can see which one looks good on you. Adding colors to your leather jacket is absolutely okay and it makes you look bolder, stylish and you appear more fashionable if you go with a wide range of colors.

It also adds variety to your wardrobe and most importantly it makes you look different from bikers as well.

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Look Good, Feel Good

In the end, the most important thing is you look good and feel good. No matter you are looking like a biker or not if you are feeling good then go ahead. You just need to be confident to own that look!

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