How to Get Wrinkles Out of Leather Jacket?

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Leather Jacket?

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If your leather jacket develops some wrinkles then make sure you smooth them out before wearing them. Whether it is a leather blazer, leather coat or leather bomber jacket wrinkles can make a serious impact on your appearance because they are easily visible especially on black and brown leather jacket which makes a bad impression. But there are various approaches to get wrinkles out of your leather jacket and you must have to choose the right one. So, in this article find out some important tips to do so.

Always Avoid Faux Leather Jackets

However faux leather and original leather both can develop wrinkles but the difference is huge. Faux leather is of cheap quality and definitely not real leather, it’s like polyester with plastic coating outside. Faux leather jackets look like genuine leather jackets but when it comes to quality, characteristics, and specifications they are far away. Faux leather naturally develop more wrinkles because of the properties they possess so it’s better you always avoid having faux leather jackets instead of them go for real/pure leather jackets.

Use Coat Hanger

Do not throw your leather jacket here or there always make sure you spare some time to hang it on the coat hanger properly. A proper wooden hanger stretches out leather jacket while hanging up and avoid developing wrinkles to the surface of leather jackets. And make sure you do not use any cheap quality plastic hanger to do the job, always go for the heavy-duty wooden hanger.

Carry Garment Bag while Traveling

If you travel with your leather jacket on vacation, beaches, or any business meeting then make sure you always carry a garment bag to store your leather jacket. Do not fold and place it with other clothes in your backpack, if you do so your leather jacket start to develop wrinkles. Instead of that, you should carry a garment bag that costs you as little as $10-$15 but that’s the only way you can protect your leather jacket from developing wrinkles and any other damage.

Always Conditioned Your Leather Jacket

Make sure you do proper conditioning to your leather jacket on regular basis, it is one of the essentials you do to maintain your leather jacket. The process consists of using a leather moisturizer or conditioner product to clean and protect from dryness which also protects the leather jacket from developing wrinkles as well.

Use Hot Steam

One good idea to smoothen your leather jacket is to use steam and for that, you can place a leather jacket in the bathroom while taking a bath and the steam from the hot water helps to smooth the wrinkles out of the leather jacket. You can hang your leather jacket for just 10-15 minutes and all the wrinkles will automatically smooth out from the surface and then you can easily wear it.

Do Ironing

Many people believe that we cannot do ironing on leather jackets but that’s not certainly true. Few leather jackets are okay to iron in order to remove wrinkles from its surface but before doing it always look for the manufacturer’s instruction for the particular leather jacket if it is the label as “do not iron” then don’t do it and if not then gently use the iron and make it to the lowest heat setting to smoothen the leather jacket and take care of the fabric as well.

Follow these tips to get wrinkles out from your leather jacket and improve its appearance, don’t let wrinkles to avoid you from wearing it.

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