ZippiLeather – Accessibility

We work to promote inclusion, diversity and accessibility. We like to make our website accessible to all our customers so that they can easily shop with us online and should also be able to access our digital offerings and other websites. Whatever be the technology you are using, like a magnifier, Screen reader, software for voice recognition or switch technology, our aim is to make shopping on our website an enjoyable and successful experience.

We want to make our site so user-friendly that more and more customers will purchase goods with us online.

What are the Actions we are taking?

We have been leading leather manufacturer of quality leather items and outerwear for a number of years. We aim to provide you with style and luxury at a rate which is exceptional so our customers are satisfied with purchases from us. Sometimes goods have to be returned and we want to make it easy for you.

We are devoting resources and taking a number of steps to enhance our website so that customers can easily access it from their mobiles as well as desktops. Our company has engaged the services of a professional accessibility consultant to conduct audit of the website’s accessibility and come with recommendations to make it more accessible than the standard websites.

Assistance we provide

We are adding all the advancements in technology to make our website easily accessible to customers. We are always open to your feedback and views to improve on the accessibility of the website. If you face problem with functionality or any feature of the website call us on our phone or send us an email.

Many companies are setting up online stores as the overhead expenses are less. There is no rent on a store front and no additional staff or decorations to be paid for But the e-commerce platform and website has to be user friendly to attract a lot of customers.

Online shopping has made it very convenient for people with disabilities to do their shopping. Many have vision impairment or problems with mobility and find it easy to shop online. It is very important that websites are made disabled friendly too.

How to make a Website Accessible and Inclusive?

A successful business requires customers so the business website should be accessible to all customers whether blind, deaf or with other problems. The website should be usable by all irrespective of age, education, economic situation, language, geographic location and more.

If the website is user friendly and shopping on the website can be fun, the customers will come back for more products and tell their friends about the wonderful experience. This will improve the customer base. An audio version of the site can make it more helpful.

Make Site Easy to Navigate

Many customers to the site find it a challenge to navigate. Designers and developers to the site should ensure that customers can navigate the site with just a keyboard and also do not add time constraints. Let customers take as long as they want to navigate the site.

This will help more customers to visit the site and shop online with store,